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A Next Generation Digital Agency

We want to make our world better to interact with. We create personalized experiences that drive engagement and revenue by intersecting data and design in meaningful ways.

Companies investing in experience design technologies today are setting themselves up to become competitive leaders in the next evolution of marketing.

– ‘Adobe Experience Design Optimization’

Branding + Communications

Effective communication is key in today's demanding digital global markets. We develop brand strategies that work hard to get you noticed and build mindshare. We dig deep into the core DNA of a brand to get results and spark a reaction!

Web Design + Development

Stimuli designs + develops interactive websites that have a clean, modern user interface with high functionality. Our services include a host of things, from working with Content Management Systems, to Intranets, custom programming, SEO-rich content, smart forms, and live chat capabilities. You dream it and we’ll build it. And maintain it!

UI/UX Design

In such a digitally complicated world, we focus on creating way-finding systems that are intuitive and smart for your user whilst giving them an experience that inspires engagement + retention. We build on robust platforms with powerful analytics that are changing the way you interact with your customer.

Analysis + Strategy

We create a strategic marketing plan that best suits your needs and integrates the brand with the campaign. Combining consumer insights with meaningful stories results in advertising that compels + sells. Advanced analytics and deep market data are utilized.

Publication + Print Design

We love the art of paper. We thrive on the smell of the press room. Whether it's an annual report, magazine, novel, textbook, or other publication, we can provide you with big design that you will want to put on show. We believe that the art of the press is coming back! Alternatively, if you wish to see your publication in a digital medium ... of course, we do that too!

Consultation + Support

To ensure that all great ideas reach their fullest impact we manage all projects very carefully and provide the support that you need. Timelines, budgets, media implementation, optimization, launch and maintenance are all critical to successful campaigns and we manage these with tremendous vigor behind the scenes.

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Analysis + Strategy / Branding + Communications / Design / Identity Design / UI/UX Design / Web Design/Development
Our Process – First Step


First, we get to know you and outline where you want to go and what you want to achieve. We research and analyze your project particulars and look for business intelligence opportunities. Our main goal is to amplify your voice and we look for ways for you to utilize smarter devices, seamless technologies and deep data to expand your brand. Once we have a plan + strategy, we can make it work.

Second Step


We design content with a focus on purpose, making sure we solve the problem, achieve the goal and stimulate an outcome. We are really passionate about good design, and developing brands that produce immersive, memorable, enduring experiences. Combining unique consumer insights with big creative results in a chemistry that stimulates a reaction. All this, has to start with a really good story, which we can help you with.

Third Step


Platform development, systems integration and quality assurance over a wide range of technology solutions requires us to have the necessary management processes that allow us to deliver the plan, test, optimize and execute. It’s a complicated journey, but we have simplified the process to make it efficient, affordable, agile and correct whilst making sure that your brand consistency is applied across all media.

We help you digitally transform by integrating design, marketing, tech + data

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