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About Us

We Spark Connections + Ignite Buy-In

For 20+ years we have worked at defining and developing brands for a diverse group of clients. We believe no two organizations are alike and each requires a fresh, inspired and creative approach to tell their story or solve their problem.


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About Us

We Speak Visual

“We ‘Speak Visual’ by creating new visual languages specifically designed to build mindshare + loyalty from your target audience.”

– Danie Wood, Creative Director
Branding + Communications

We believe that we need to utilize communication effectively now more than ever, in today's challenging global environments. We develop brand strategies that work hard to get you noticed and build you mindshare.

Web Design + Development

Our Website design and development services include planning, design, programming, marketing setup, launch and maintenance.

UI/UX Design

In such a digitally complicated arena, like the Internet, we focus on making way-finding systems that are intuitive and smart for your user whilst designing interfaces and experiences that are an extension of your brand.

Marketing + Advertising

We strategically and systematically plan out a marketing approach that best suits the needs of the brand or product. We take into account a wide range of issues, variables and opportunities that can range from timing and budgets to a host of market factors.

Publication Design

Whether it's an annual report, magazine, novel, textbook, or other publication, we can provide you with a product that has a design that stands out.

Consultation + Support

To ensure that all great ideas reach their fullest impact we manage all projects very carefully and include the support that you need. Timelines, budgets, media implementation, launch and maintenance are all critical to successful campaigns and we manage these with tremendous vigor behind the scenes.

Check out our Portfolio where we show off our work.

First Step

Research + Plan

First, we get to know you and outline where you want to go and what you want to achieve. We research and analyze your project particulars and look for opportunities early on. Working closely with you and with an understanding of your design and technical requirements, we plan out your project.

Second Step

Design + Develop

Next, we apply our extensive creative and technical knowledge to create elegant, technically efficient and stunning work for a host of different applications. From Web design and development, to mobile Apps, branding packages, and more.

Third Step

Test & Execute

Lastly, and this is the fun part, we work the plan, test and launch, while making sure that brand consistency is applied across all media. So what are you waiting for?  Give us a call, email or click below for a quote!

Make Your Brand Visible – Connect to The World with our Technical + Visual Affluence.

We combine the design and technical chops to take you to that next level. There’s nothing that excites us more than designing something beautiful where the technoloy underneath it is just as stunning.

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Yves Rouselle

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Creative Director

Danie Wood

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VP Business Development

Ryan Vetter

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We express the soul of your brand, so those that matter can hear you!

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