Website Design and Website Development Costs 2016

In this article, we’re going to answer the following questions:

1. How much does a Website cost in 2016?

2. How long does it take to develop a Website?

3. What’s included in our Website Design and Development services?



Small business: More so a mom and pop shop. Simple operation, with minimal staff and minimal systems/requirements.

Medium business: A larger operation than a small business. Several employees/contractors outside of the founders and generally several locations. More robust systems in place to support its operations. More customers than a small business and higher technology requirements.

Large business: Several employees and contractors, multiple locations and typically a multi-national operation. Large systems in place. Many different departments. This includes Fortune 500 companies. These companies have sophisticated Website design and development requirements.

$$ How much? How much does a Website cost in 2016?

Good question. Costs can vary widely depending on complexity. It all depends on your needs. Always be wary of cheap services. There’s more than a few fly-by-night operations and substandard work floating around. The biggest disappointment comes from designs that don’t make the cut, missed deadlines, and below-standard technical work. Additionally, there are many offshore operations where issues such as timezone and communications problems arise.
What you should look for in a Creative agency is a partner. Someone who has the sophistication and experience to understand what your business is going through, and how to add value to your business. Not just with a shiny Website, but a Website that truly represents and illustrates your brand identity and business strategy. And one that properly and sufficiently caters to your customers/end-users.

At Stimuli, you're in good hands. We have over 20 years of experience.

We know design and we know engineering. And we know what you’re going through. We have a well fleshed out process. By working with us, you can expect the very best with minimal risk to your operation. We don’t just think about your project for 20 minutes and fire off a quote to you. We deeply consider several things and will ask you a series of questions to fully understand your goals. We’re diligent and always motivated to impress you and drive tons of value to your operation.
Drop a quote request on us and we’ll get back to you without delay. Or, call us at 1 877 448-8082 and let’s chit chat. Or Email us here. Our quotes include a detailed list of deliverables and timelines, along with discussion points.

How long does it take to design and develop a Website in 2016?

Stimuli Process
There’s a lot of work that goes into Website design and Website development, from taking steps to understand your business, your competitive landscape, to your customers/end-users, to planning, development, and implementation and go-live.
Stimuli is an AGILE agency, and practices AGILE project management. This, coupled with our over 20 years of experience, and we’re able to offer relatively quick turnaround times in relation to complexity.
Here’s an outline of how long it takes to design and develop a brand new Website broken down by complexity. Timelines are, however, on a case-by-case basis. Government Website design and development typically takes longer as the work is done in a more restrictive environment. Thus, the following is a general guideline.

Level 1: Basic, simple needs, no eCommerce (typical Small business)

Level 1: Standard timeline is typically ~2-4 weeks+, depending on requirements. Quicker times may be possible with more resources on the project. Level 1 is modestly complex. This would be a more standard Website that can include a Blog/News section, a series of more static pages, a contact form, and images, video, and audio, with social links. This timeframe includes an initial consultation and needs assessment, project planning and systems architecture design, and the design, development, implementation, and go-live of the Website. The more features and pages required, the more time required. These sites are typically more entry-level, with only a modest amount of pages and a simple sitemap without much in the way of dynamic content (e.g., user-driven content).

Level 2: Medium complexity (typical Medium-sized businesses)

Level 2: Standard timeline is typically from ~4 weeks – 4 months+, depending on requirements. Quicker times may be possible with more resources on the project. Level 2 is medium complexity. This would include everything in Level 1, but would also call for more robust features. For example, hooking into APIs and other integrations. You may require integration with SugarCRM or Salesforce, for instance. You may also require a user forum so your site has a community and dynamic content. eCommerce may also be needed. You may also require more robust functionality on the backend for user management, and so forth. And, you may need the importation of your site’s old content into the new Website.
This type of Website is typically suited for more medium-sized businesses or ones with higher technology ambitions. Generally, the volume of users to the site is in the medium-range of busy. There won’t be requirements to interface with complex systems at your business and legacy software. Or to have to use more robust programming languages and custom installations. To this end, the systems architecture is moderately complex but not highly complex.

Level 3: High complexity (typically semi-large-to-large sized businesses)

Level 3: Standard timeline is typically from ~8 weeks – 6 months+, depending on requirements. Quicker times may be possible with more resources on the project. Level 3 is high complexity and where lots of custom work and only the most scalable and best will typically meet the requirements. This would include everything in Level 1 and 2, but would also call for even more robustness. For example, the site may need to interface with several different APIs and other integrations. There may be lots of dynamic content. There may be a large number of pages required so site mapping is highly complex. The installation and hosting of the Website may require very specific specifications that must be met. And, there may be other/legacy systems within an organization that we’re required to continue working with.
Typically, these sites have a large number of pageviews per month and require dedicated servers and management. Further, they typically require significant custom coding to meet the feature demands and goals of the business for the site itself. Thus, these are highly custom Websites that command the most robust installation and backend management with complex integrations. An example of such a site could be Facebook, BestBuy,,…

What’s included in Stimuli’s Website design / Website redesign and development services?

Stimuli loves designing and developing Websites. It allows us to flex our design and techical muscle all at the same time. Our Website design and Website development services include some of the following:

A beautiful design that you can be excited about and call your own.

A complete Website redesign service is also offered.

An optional easy-to-manage backend (Content Management System) so non-technical people can manage the site.

A look and feel that matches your brand and identity.

A set of features that properly services your customers/end-users.

Knowledge transfer and training to help your staff add content and manage different aspects of the site.

Integrations with your existing systems and various APIs as required along with custom work.


Much more...


What happens after the Website is launched, does Stimuli help manage it?

We want to make sure we’re there for you once your site is launched. We have packages available where we can be retained monthly and manage your new Website for you. This would be discussed during consultations.
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