How to Build a Consistent Member Experience as an Extension of your Brand

by Catherine Ducharme
As brand strategists, we know the brand is expressed in three ways: verbally, visually and experientially. It’s the latter – how members experience interacting with you – that’s often overlooked.
Members connect with your organization through many touch points such as renewal systems, Websites, events, etc. and each interaction informs their experience and impressions of you.

  1. Is your organization clear on the brand experience you want members to have?
  2. Are you delivering that brand experience consistently through all your touch points?
  3. Do staff understand what experience they need to deliver and are they equipped to do so?
  4. Organization’s talk more about what they offer and not enough about how members benefit and derive value.
  5. Websites are built from the internal perspective (what we want them to know) and serve the organizations needs over member needs.
  6. New member onborading programs (if they exist) often miss the opportunity to meaningfully connect and plug members into opportunities.
  7. Registration systems (for renewal and events) aren’t intuitive and easy to use.

If you want members to engage with you, you need to make it easy for them to do so by reducing barriers and creating a positive interaction at every touch point.

  • Define it: Be clear on what the experience needs to be.
  • Every touch point matters: Evaluate all your touch points to see if they are delivering a common experience.
  • Align and equip staff: Empower staff to deliver the experience you want.

So how are you doing so far?
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