No Foosball Tables Here…

When you think of a creative agency, what comes to mind? People meditating and playing foosball in expensive offices with $2500 board room chairs? In some cases, that may not be that far off.
Over the years, we’ve learned about how best to work in the most efficient manner, and how to produce our best work. With the evolution of the Internet, and how more and more tools and people are able to work digitally, gone are the days of needing large offices and foosball tables.
While we do have offices, our footprint is kept to a minimum. The basis of this is that, when you’re doing creative work, it requires two main things: collaboration and intense focus. On the first, we collaborate in-person and online. For instance, we use Skype a lot to video conference, or do screen shares. We also engage in-person, hammering out the nuts and bolts of a project using whiteboards, among other things.
On needing an intense focus, this is where people in the creative industry excel: when there’s minimal distractions. Busy, open offices full of distractions disrupt people’s productivity. Citing a well-known study conducted by Microsoft some years ago, they studied workers’ ability to stay focused after hearing the chime of a new Email that they had received. They found that it could take several minutes for the worker to be able to focus back on the task they were doing prior to the Email they had received.
When you hire a creative agency, you want to get the best work possible. At Stimuli, we’re setup to provide that to you, and we’re able to service anyone, anywhere in the world.
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