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We create brands. It's what we do! We extract a story of who and what a brand stands for, thereby aligning storytellers with their audience. We get excited when we create a catalyst that stimulates a change in behaviour.

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Phase I

Research + Analysis

To develop the brand look and feel, we start by conducting research to gain insights on current perceptions, objectives, challenges, and aspirations for the brand. This exercise allows us to understand your existing practices and processes in communications in order to ascertain what works and what doesn’t. We audit the competitive landscape as well as a thorough internal communications audit.

Phase II


We develop brand strategies that serve to express the brand in a variety of ways from web, print, outdoor media, signage, packaging, environmental graphics and multimedia. We believe brands are communicated verbally, visually and experientially – and these vehicles need to be saying the same thing consistently, always. Maintaining the bigger picture of the brand strategy has also allowed us to successfully direct brands that are able to coexist with partner and sub-brands without compromising their equity. Based on the research findings and agreed brand direction we’ll articulate a consistent visual context that can be applied across all touchpoints which also is adaptable to various materials. We create visual solutions that are transferable and can be understood by in-house personnel, avoiding any potential pitfalls or complexities that can result in dissolution of the brand.

Phase III


We strategically direct and guide the creative process of the visual brand, to develop a “visual brand language” that tells your brand story at-a-glance. We develop unique creative concepts that express your vision and ensure the visual brand is distinctive, and broadly resonant with your primary audiences.

Phase IV

Design + Delivery

For each brand we create a visual language that can be used and adapted over a wide range of tools and applications that builds out an inspired look and feel that is uniquely and distinctively you. We speak visual by creating new visual languages specifically designed to build mindshare.

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