ARTContent Publishing Limited

ARTContent Publishing Limited provides an integrated platform for buyers and sellers of art.

They are engaged in four key areas of the art market:
the production and distribution of major works of art by renowned artists; a social networking platform for the international art community to transact business in real time; the production and importation of art videos for promotional, educational and mainstream media; as well as custom strategies for acquiring fine art, wealth management and philanthropy.

We have developed an identity and visual language that helped define them and gave them a voice in a diversified field of art, media and social networking. We have supported this identity with various marketing collateral and presentation materials. An extensive and highly functional website is currently in development that will bring together all of these activities and change the way we engage with art and artists today.


ARTContent Publishing Limited


Branding + Communications


March 8, 2016

branding, communications design, digital publication design, identity design, publication design