Market Research: IV Wellness Boutique

We provided market research, management consulting, and Web design and development services to IV Wellness Boutique in Vancouver.

IV Wellness Boutique, a holistic, natural medicine clinic in downtown Vancouver, needed to better understand their market, their customers, their potential customers, and their competition. They were also looking to figure out where the industry was headed and deal with corporate structure issues. We provided them with an insightful, 90 page market research report that covered these topics and more. We revealed important information about the market and industry, as well as about their competitors. We solved their corporate issues. And provided them with a new business strategy and 2-year plan. We also carved out a product matrix and recommendations to improve their clinic.

We did customer counts at their clinic to determine peak times. We used statistical research to determine their hotzone target market. And applied business theory and law to revamp their corporate structure. Finally, using the new business strategy and focus, we developed a complete wireframe for their new Website that served to focus on those areas that were needed to grow their business. And to improve the user experience and usability of the site. Within one month of delivering the market research report and Website wireframes, revenues were up over 25% month-over-month and we saved them time and money regarding another business strategy they were going to follow prior to us coming on the scene.


IV Wellness Boutique


Management Consulting, Market Research


February 8, 2016

management consulting, market research