Traffic Ticket Combat

The company needed a robust Website with a Content Management System. They also needed automation and customer relations and contact management seemlessly built-in. 

Website design and development

For the functionality of the Website, we had to develop a user forum to foster an online community; an eCommerce component using Woocommerce with mulitple shipping options and variables setup; a seamless login system that works with the user forum and the eCommerce store; a social component for users to follow one another, get updates on community activity, and more; content automation, so fresh news items relevant to the business and industry would automatically populate the Website without the need for human intervention. There’s more to this story, but we’re running out of space! The Website is using WordPress as a Content Management System so it’s easy for non-technical people like social media and content managers to work with the site and its content. The result is a clean, modern, robust Website that is a derivative of the brand we created for it.


Traffic Ticket Combat


Web Design/Development


January 15, 2016

branding, communications, website design, website development