UI/UX Design

The business was needing to solve usability problems and create an excellent user experience in an iOS App. We applied our process and created an innovative user interface and experience in an elegant way: a zero button user interface.

This project involved user interface and user experience design. The design needed to be consistent with Wundr’s brand. Ryan Vetter, Stimuli’s Project and Business Development Manager, spearheaded this project. The end-user requirements were assimililated, and information was organized into functional bits. We then mapped these organized bits onto a user interface concept. Next, we applied FITTS principle to organize where user interface controls would be placed. We ended up with a user interface with no buttons. We found that asking users to have to reach to the top of an App to press buttons wasn’t efficient or a good user experience. We created a circular user interface controller that’s called up by a single tap. From here, the user can control things like font size, settings, etc. The result is a clean, modern, easy-to-use App that matches the company’s brand and business strategy and one that stands out.




UI/UX Design


January 13, 2016

iOS App design, user experience design, user interface design