Web Design and Development

The company had to distill a large amount of technical information and products and services into something an end-user would understand. And the site had to have various pieces of functionality.   

This project involved Website design and development. The design of the Website needed to be consistent with Wundr’s brand with parts of it running in Wordpress, along with a subdomain and support portal. Ryan Vetter, Stimuli’s Project and Business Development Manager, spearheaded this project. First, an assessment of the company’s brand and products and services was done. Then, a requirements document was formed. Information was organized, and products and services were distilled down into their simplest parts. We then programmed the Website using HTML/CSS3/JavaScript and infused the required functionality. The result is a clean, modern, easy-to-use Website that matches the company’s brand and business strategy.




Web Design/Development


January 12, 2016

website design, website development