I’m Ryan Vetter,

VP Business Development

at Stimuli.

About me
Work Experience

Ryan Vetter, MA, PSM1, is a business leader and author. He’s also the co-founder of Wundr, an innovative eBook company. Ryan holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from UVIC and a Master of Arts from RMC. At Stimuli, he manages projects and business development and is the resident expert on Content Management Systems like WordPress, UI/UX design, and Web and App development.

About me
What People Say About Me

“He’s a Puma man!”

What I’m Best At

  • Project Management
  • Vision
  • Research
  • Presentation
  • Business Strategies
  • International Relations

What You Will Hire Me For

  • Business Development
  • Technology R&D
  • Information Systems UI/UX
  • Website Development + Management
  • CSS
  • Project Execution

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